More and more first responders are starting to use Mini light systems instead of large, traditional lighting systems. They offer many benefits that can't be found anywhere else. But, if your Mini light system is not well designed, it won't be very effective, and that puts you at risk. The main things you need to focus on when choosing a lighting system for your car is the location of the lights, their color and intensity, and whether they flash or not.To ensure your Mini light system is as effective as it can be, you need to make sure that all your lights are placed in the best locations. Take a look at the vehicle you will be outfitting your Mini light system to a€ where are your eyes drawn to first? Take not of these areas. This is where you should put your lights. There is a reason most emergency lighting systems are focused on the dash, on the roof, and on the grill of a car a€ that is where everyone looks first when they see a car coming. Since you are using smaller lights, this is more important than ever.To a smaller degree, the color of your Mini light will play a role in how effective it is. In reality, most people don't really distinguish between colors to well when they are driving down the road a€ they only notice flashing lights or extra ordinary lights. This doesn't mean you should ignore the colors your Mini light system uses, though it can be a very useful tool. Just make sure you choose colors that are noticeable in all conditions and will not get you confused with other emergency vehicles.Much like color, the intensity of your Mini light will play an elementary role in how effective your lighting system is overall. When using a Mini light system, you will want to try and keep the intensity of your lights as high as possible. Their size makes them sometimes hard to see. You don't want to blind oncoming motorists and pedestrians with your lighting system, but you want to at least make sure that they see you coming so they can get out of the way.The last consideration you need to make to ensure that your Mini light system is as effective is as possible is whether the lights flash or whether they will be constant. Usually, a combination of the two is the best option, but in terms of overall visibility, flashing lights almost always win out. You can find a Mini light that incorporates both flashing and constant lights, which would probably be your best option. Remember, when you are using smaller, less noticeable lights, you need them to be as noticeable as possible. Your safety depends on it.You don't need a full police light system on your emergency vehicle to stay safe on the roads. More often than not, a well designed Mini light system will be more than enough. But, because of its size, you need to make sure that you have all the important areas taken care of, of you risk going unnoticed. As long as you put some thought into your Mini light system, purchase a quality system, and be smart about it, you can't really go wrong!