The small LEDs can be assembled in arrays to construct LED modules. For energy saving, modern light bars come with sophisticated intensity control. Such light bars come with clear, non-fluted lenses which are undetectable if the LEDs are turned off. For stealth operations, the blackout modes can be extremely useful. The LED light bar should be easily installable on any type of surface, as it could be used with different types of vehicles. If light bars are used for police vans or patrol cars or even for high speed car chases, it is obvious that they have to be far more reliable and functional than normal lights. Sealed reflectors and lenses along with mirrors can be used to enhance the lighting provided by the LED light bars, especially when a wide beam angle is needed. These modules can be single tiered or duplex models that can be configured together for additional lighting. Therefore, such lights assist in covert operations, producing lighting when required and safely fading into the background when lighting isn’t required. You CCTV Connectors Manufacturers can pick the one suited for a vehicle, as larger light bars can create air drag and are also deemed unsafe for thinner roofs.

. Most light bars weigh between 8 � 30 pounds. The light bars used for police vans are usually 40 - 50 inches long, 12 inches wide and up to 3 inches high. For example, for vehicles used for highway car chases, you will need LED light bars that send out beams in all directions. They come with both front and rear facing LEDs. Light bar kits include interconnect harness to connect several LED modules when you want maximum visibility. Easy mounting options include magnetic mounting for metallic surfaces, clamps and brackets for back windows and special marker lights for placement above tail lights. This is because there are several other cop vehicles following the cue of the warning lights. Adjustability Video Baluns Suppliers is the first criterion when you are considering a lighting set for police light bars. The light bars shouldn’t be too heavy.

Aerodynamically efficient police LED light bar can be used by many cop vehicles.There are some standard characteristics which are imperative for a police LED light bar. Thankfully LEDs can be trusted to have a long life span in excess of 50,000 hours.

The police LED light bar should follow all the rules, standards and regulations when it comes to the dimensions of the bar, the colors and the intensity. These stylized light bars have a low profile and a sleek design. The LED modules facing the front and rear can be controlled separately depending on the signal you want to flash and the direction in which you want to flash it. All-bar operations are also available in order to control flash and frequency of flashing of the lights. Sometimes, aerial support in the form of helicopters is also provided which means you need effective flash lights to be kept track of.