A simple red light bar can do a whole world of difference when it comes to road safety. A lot of vehicles therefore install the red light bars on the rear end so that other vehicles keep safe distance. This is especially important in case of heavy transport and equipment vehicles, trucks and tractors which are also slower than normal, speeding passenger vehicles. The red light needs to be flashed brightly enough to catch the attention of the drivers. However, high intensity beam is not the only prerequisite for a light bar.

There are several other attributes which make the light bars as important as they are. You can use the red light bar for vehicles carrying heavy equipment as well as for trailers and tow trucks. You can also use the same light bars when there is road repair work going on in the middle of a highway or when there is a construction going on right next to the highway. If the construction poses danger to the vehicles passing by then these red light bars could be used to block one or two lanes. However, merely mounting red lights is of no use if drivers cannot really catch sight of them from a distance. In fact, it could turn out to be doubly dangerous if one can catch sight of these vehicles only at the last moment. A red light bar or an optional traffic advisor could be extremely useful if it possesses flash patterns that can be used based on the criticality. Sequences, solid lighting, solid to sequence flashing and flashing of warning messages and directional arrows are some of the ways in which road repair or vehicle wreckage sites can be blocked off and drivers warned well in advance. These flash lights need to have penetrative beams with a wide angle especially during foggy days and nights when the visibility is at a minimum. At the same time the light bars should be resilient enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and remain operative as long as required.

A red light bar using LEDs is highly reliable owing to the fact that LEDs can operate for more than 50,000 hours. LED bars come with polycarbonate base and extruded aluminum casing too for good heat dissipation and thermal management which is important for high performance of the lighting equipment. In some cases duplex light modules with double housings are used if required. The sealed reflectors and lenses are well protected from moisture outside. The light bars that can be mounted on heavy equipment vehicles are vibration resistant as well as high impact resistant. Therefore they are far more durable than ordinary lighting equipment and hence ideal for emergency situations. Moreover, these light bars can be mounted anywhere, with power cables and interconnect wires usually available in the mounting hardware kit along with the red light bars. A simple portable and rechargeable battery operating on 12 a€ 24V DC can be enough to supply power to the LED light bars.