As the name suggests, this is a tall beam that could be as tall as 30 feet (or more) with bright lights installed at the upper end. Mobile light towers are the best option in these cases because they can be moved from place to place depending on where illumination is required. For applications where electricity might not be available, there’s always the option of diesel light towers.

Finally, it is important that you purchase Magnum light towers from a reputed dealer so that your turn-around time is minimized and you get optimum value for your investment. A light tower is the most dependable source of outdoor illumination.

Since the bright lights are fixed at a height, they help illuminate a large area. Magnum light towers, for instance are among the most preferred ones in this segment because they are suited for all types of terrains and temperatures ranging from deserts to the frozen tundra. For instance, it can be used in base camps where oil and mining process are carried out, concrete Led UV Nail Lamp cutting and finishing sites, isolated road and commercial construction site areas, municipalities and also for disaster relief.

*The features of good portable light towers:

Quality towers, such as the Magnum light towers offer much more than just proper illumination. Other features such as a wide wheel base make it easy to use such towers in the most demanding terrains. These towers can be used to light up an area up to 4 acres. So, with the use of these towers, outdoor functions will never stop because of lack of light. We will devote all our efforts to the continuous improvement and expansion of our products, services, processes, workforce, and most importantly, to the quality of our customer's experience. Since they are used for different applications, light towers are available in options such as 6KW, 8KW, 10KW, 20KW, 30KW etc. These towers have a 45W Led UV Nail Lamp fuel capacity of 25 to 60 gallons approximately. We desire to be the world's first choice for portable light towers, mobile generators, and portable power distribution products. It finds applications at several places, such as mining fields, sports grounds and construction sites among other places. To offer light in different directions, these towers need to have a 360 rotation. These towers are also used in order to light up sporting arenas such as football fields and tennis courts especially for night-time events.We strive to provide leadership and innovation to the lighting and portable power distribution industry. In case there is shortage of electrical supply in these places, the diesel towers can be used. These towers are used outdoor and hence they are subjected to winds, rain and extreme temperatures they should be able to withstand all of these factors so that work is not hampered.

*Where are electric light towers tower used?

A light tower can be used in remote locations where enough electricity is not available. They should ideally have 4 to 1000 watt light assemblies.